Tyler Hilton Checks In While 41003 Feet In The Air

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@tylerhilton) on Saturday (July 5) with the following message:

I’m flying over Utah right now. So says the map. I’m going 532mph and am 41003ft in the air. Phew… This is definitely the fastest and highest I’ve been all week. Sweet…

Doing some things in Chicago with Lem (sleeping like a baby next to me), Jaco (different flight; loser), and Darwin (different flight; loser) aka… the rattlesnake crew. Or the Westerners or the Neighborhood Kids. I don’t know… we’ve never really settled on a band name. For now they are just my Grande Creaux!

Please join me in Chicago for music and joy! Say hello! If Chicago is too far away for you, don’t worry. I’m gonna start playing some acoustic sets in LA and probably for the entire summer. Come listen to me sing covers, tell stories that go on too long, and play new and old favorites. My first set of this nature will be Tuesday, the 15th of July at The Mint. I just dig that place so much. Make it happen! Let’s make a memorable night right in the middle of your work week! Let’s do it!

Lem just woke up. I’m gonna see if he wants to chat with me. My thumbs are tired from blogging on my Blackberry (Berryblogging) and I’m not paying $8 for “College Road Trip”. I’d pay $8 for “Charlie Bartlett”, though. “College Road Trip” is only worth $6 to me. Sorry, Frontier. I do appreciate the free head sets, though. That I like…


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