Tyler Hilton Discusses ‘Keep On’

has been giving a behind the scenes look at his new EP ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’, talking about the tracks off the EP. The latest features Tyler discussing ‘Keep On’. “‘Keep On’ was a song I wrote for me,” the singer songwriter explained. “It was just self medication. My grandmother had just passed away, and I was having a hard time finishing this project I’ve been working on for so long which was ‘Storms We Share’. It just was one of those moments I felt my shoulders were so heavy and I was just, damn, and I just started writing ideas and I thought I don’t want to work to hard on a song, I don’t even want to write a song. All I’ve been doing is writing songs and I’ve been in the studio, but there’s a non-work part of me that was like, yeah but writing always makes me feel so good. I was just kind of thinking one day, I was driving the car, I just want to go home and write a song really quickly, really simple, and I don’t want to think about it too much. I don’t have to record it. I just have to write something to kind of just get some of this stuff out. That ended up being ‘Keep On’, which is such a simple tune.” Watch the commentary via his YouTube channel below.

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