Tyler Hilton Discusses Why He Named His New Album ‘The Storms We Share’

sent in a new video blog to talk about the two songs he posted, his 5-song ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ EP coming out April 20th, touring with The Spill Canvas, probably releasing the new album towards the end of the summer, and its title will be ‘The Storms We Share’.

“I’m really excited about this, because as a lot of you know, I’ve kind of been waiting to name the record, and until the record was all put together and all done so I could look at the songs and be like ‘Okay, what should I call this group of songs?’,” Hilton explained. “The name came about in a really crazy way. I was talking to a few people about living in Nashville, about living in Canada and about living in places where there’s weather which we don’t really have in LA. They were saying it’s weird, you could be at the grocery store, you could be somewhere talking to someone, you don’t even know the person and you can be like, ‘Crazy weather out there, huh,’ and it’s something everyone has in common. A lot of these songs kind of ended up being about trials in life or different things we all kind of go through. So I thought that would be a great title for the record, because there’s not as many love songs as there were on my other records and it just seems to be like one of those records. Hopefully there’s a lot of topics we can all have in common together.”

Watch the update via YouTube below.

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