Tyler Hilton ‘Girl That Got Away’ Tutorial & Contest

Tyler Hilton talks about doing a contest for 'Girl That Got Away' covers, offering a tutorial of how to play the song as well posted a new clip on his YouTube channel, teaching viewers how to play ‘Girl That Got Away’ from his upcoming album.

The singer songwriter is hosting a contest, asking people to respond to the video with their covers. Hilton and his team will look at the videos, find the best one, “and come up with some sort of odd care package to send you with some weird gifts in it.”

“So last week, we did an episode of all the different covers that are out there on YouTube and I had a blast,” Tyler said. “I want to do something similar this week. This is gonna be a contest and a tutorial. What I’m gonna do is I went online already and I found a whole bunch of songs that you guys have been wanting to learn of mine. Wrote them down, cut them up, put them into this homemade captain such and such hat, and I’m gonna shake it up and pick a song. Then I’m gonna teach it to you.”

Watch the contest details and tutorial below.

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