Tyler Hilton Hates His Twitter Experience

Tyler Hilton updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@tylerhilton) on Tuesday (April 28), talking about the difficulties he’s encountering using Twitter after being pushed to use the micro blogging web site by his label. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m here in the D terminal at Salt Lake City airport, next to the Grove Snacks stand. Boom! That could be a twitter! I’ve been cursing the “T word” for the last couple weeks. I hated it. Bich Ngoc and Sarah, who keep me hip to the times web wise at Warner, insisted I do it. They downloaded the thing on my Blackberry (do I capitalize unnecessarily? Do I do it often?)… TwitterBerry. They showed me how to work it and assured me it was the newest most fun way of keeping in touch with you guys. “What happened to the Blog?” I wanted to know. “Well — do those too”, they said, “but Twitter also.” “But, but, but, I’m limited in characters on that thing. I have no room to verbally stretch my legs!” “Well”, they said, “maybe that’ll be good for you.”

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