Tyler Hilton: I’ve Never Been Happier In My Career

checked in with fans on his official web site blog on Monday (November 23), talking about his birthday the prior day and completing his new album. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I’ve never been happier to be exactly where I am in my career…which is strange, cause, where am I? I don’t have a record out yet, I don’t have a movie or TV show I’m working on. But this feeling of completing something that took so much time and all for the purpose of doing good work so as not to ask for yours and your friend’s attention only to sell you something I could’ve done better, but instead something that took all of these 26 years to make and is worthy of all that time!….this feeling is great. I haven’t gone to college yet, so next to completing regular school, this record has taken more time then anything else I’ve ever done in life! Ha! And there’s how young I am.

The entire message at tylerhilton.com has since been removed.

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