Tyler Hilton: LA Is Where I Need To Be To Finish The Record

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@tylerhilton) on Saturday (March 29) with the following message:

My favorite day of the year was Thursday in Nashville. Finally I didn’t need a jacket. The front porch and I, friends again. But then, out of nowhere, my instincts, ever determined to keep even me guessing, decided LA is where I need to be to finish the record. I can just feel some people’s frustrations with me… I know, I know… Bring it. I will have my band, my family, and those I work closely with that I value daily input from, all just down the street from me. And I will still have the right to change my mind and record more in Nashville… or Seattle for all I know. We’ll see. I love change. I love having the freedom to change and chance. I thrive on it. It keeps me on my toes and makes me feel like writing. I’m going to LA for a while. We. Will. See.

Won’t we?

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