Tyler Hilton Preps For Jury Duty In LA

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@tylerhilton) on Thursday ( 18), learning that Friday he’ll be serving jury duty in Los Angeles. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Juror 456

Friday my business manager called to say that the Superior Court of Los Angeles had summoned me for service as a trial juror and asked if I’d like to postpone. Well, I’m in the middle of John Adams’ biography and guess what? I’m all about my civic duty right now. Jury of my peers? Hell yea. I think it’s a phase. Sunday he delivered my juror’s badge and said to call in to see what time they needed me Monday. Phew… I was nervous. I’m a huge John Grisham fan so my imagination was running wild. They said I was off the hook Monday but to call back Monday night to see about Tuesday. Well, same thing happened Tuesday night for Wednesday’s service and by that time I was getting cocky and sure I wasn’t getting called in at all. Besides, I was getting bored with my civic duty phase so it was really no big deal. At that brings us to tonight… My plan WAS to check in with the juror call center, be let off the hook for tomorrow, and enjoy Vampire Weekend at the Wiltern, a concert I had been looking forward to for a very long time. My plan WAS NOT to be told I had to report to the court house down town by 7:45am therefore putting a damper on my whole “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” night out!!!… but alas, such is my luck. I’m lying here in bed trying to fall asleep wondering what tomorrow holds for me and what song they’re singing at the concert without me. Will I be on a month long murder trial? Are they singing “Mansard Roof”? Maybe a mob case? Are they busting into “Ladies of Cambridge”? A simple jay walking dispute? Where will I end up??!! Maybe I’ll be dismissed early and sent along my way to record like I had planned to tomorrow. That would be the best option. But the former would make for some juicy blogging… eh, I’ll leave that to the other Hilton. If this civic duty causes my record to be delayed, someone will feel my wrath!!! Stay tuned… I’ll fill you in on more tomorrow. What they’ll let me tell you at least…! (And if anyone has extra tickets to Vampire Weekend tomorrow night (same venue) and if I don’t have to juror (can that be a verb?), can I come too?)


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