Tyler Hilton Releases ‘I Believe In You’, Readies New EP

updated fans on his official web site’s blog on Monday (March 1), discussing a photo shoot he did with Reid Rolls, posting a new song called ‘I Believe In You’, and plans to release a new EP called ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ on April 20th. Hilton writes:

Today I posted the 2nd new song (from the full album I’m putting out later this year) on my sites for all of you. It’s the album version of “I Believe In You”. Since I put an acoustic version on the last EP “Better on Beachwood” I’ve seen a lot of you guys covering it on YouTube. It sounds great on you! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the full band version. Show it to friends, work out to it, throw it on a mix, sing it in the shower, and maybe eventually dedicate it to someone (that’s the ultimate for a song, I think).

The entire message at tylerhilton.com has since been removed.

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