Tyler Hilton Turns His New Album In to Warner Bros.

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@tylerhilton) on Saturday (October 31), having completed his new album, preparing for promo and getting the itch to do some acting. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Dang… you’d think I’d be used to losing my phone by now. But somehow every time it happens it hurts just the same. Ugh. I twitter from my phone so I’ve had to forgo my usual updates. Anyway, I want to fill you in on some highlights of the last week (and I suppose it was time to blog anyway). I officially turned the record in to Warner Bros. to be fussed over, listened to, thought on, and to generally cause sparks (the good kind). No more recording. That phase is closed. Chapter written. We move on.

It’s time I leave the world of producers and studio musicians and step into the world of brainstorming and working with my friends in the radio departments, the internet team, the arty album artwork folk, and the go getters in the sales dept. who will get this new music into your hands. I’m getting excited just watching my fingers clack away at this good news. I’ve been reading scripts since being out of the studio as well and looking at maybe doing some acting pretty soon. I kinda miss it and I won’t be going out on tour until next year anyway so…why not?

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