Tyler Hilton Turns To Book Reading

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@tylerhilton) on Saturday (March 22) with the following message:

I’m watching the neatest looking black cat scale a tree outside my house. I don’t think he’s hunting, probably playing with something…no, wait…oh, he’s hunting. Oh, that’s gross.

It’s warming up again down here in the South. I’ve got wild onions growing everywhere. I’m thinking about throwing some mint out in my yard for fresh juleps. Yea… I won’t say that I’m not cut out for staying in one place for a long time, but I will say I’m unpracticed, though getting better.

I’ve been doing lots of thinking. TV is getting boring and Netflix often doesn’t get here fast enough for me (I want a new one immediately after I’m done with the old) so I’ve been reading. But I’m not giving books the benefit of the doubt anymore. I’d read boring books all the way through and be alright with it because it was a book and books were allowed to be boring at times as long as I was learning and taking something away from them and blah, blah, blah….I threw a book across the room last night as it’s punishment for allowing my attention to stray. How dare it not grip me! I wasn’t angry, though. I just wanted it out of my site so I could open a new one and throwing it was the most efficient way of getting it as far away from me as possible in the least amount of time. I’ll go back to it tonight, it is a funny one after all.

I’m building up such strong instincts for what I like and don’t like. I think this is due to the excessive amount of listening to songs and arrangements I’ve been doing, always ready to move or mute something depending on how it hits me. No formula, just instinct.

Dave and Charles from “Lady A” had a day off the other day so we did some “nothing” together. I love doing nothing. I don’t do it nearly enough. We ended up shaving my head. Those are true buddies. They’ll be at the CMT’s with me. Have we all voted on www.CMT.com yet? I did today. Go ahead and vote your heart, but let me say I’d certainly appreciate a vote in my direction for the prestigious “Best Supporting Actor in a Music Video” or whatever the category is award. I’ll thank you all in my acceptance speech, assuming I’m victorious. Lady Antebellum’s CD comes out around the same time as the CMT’s for those of you waiting patiently. My CD comes out around the same time as the next millennium, you know, for those of you waiting VERY patiently. Go be good humans…


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