Tyrone Wells Recaps His SXSW Weekend

Tyrone Wells

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@tyronewells) on Monday (March 23), talking about his SXSW weekend in Austin, Texas. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Wow! This is incredible. There are people absolutely everywhere flooding the streets of Austin, Texas. I’ve heard different accounts, but apparently there are 1500 to 2000 bands here.. uhhm.. that’s a lot of bands. Music is pouring out of nearly every door. It seems that every room with electricity turns into a makeshift venue for music during this week.

I’ve ran into several friends and artists that I’m a fan of over the week. Here are some artists that you may or may not know.. but all of these artists are definitely worthy of you checking them out. Pigeon John, Erin McCarley, Jason Reeves, Amber Rubarth, Tori Amos, Rocco DeLuca, Chris Pierce, Jay Nash, The Rescues, Greg Laswell, Andy Davis, Cary Brothers, Meiko, and and I know I’m missing a ton of others.. but jeeesh.. with nearly 2,000 bands and artists running around.. it’s impossible to remember everyone we ran in to… what a week.

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