Uh Huh Her Exit Nettwerk, Begin Writing New Material

Camila Grey of updated fans on their blog at MySpace (@uhhuhhermusic) on Wednesday (January 21), revealing that they’ve begun working on the follow-up to their 2008 debut album ‘Common Reaction’ and that they’re no longer with Nettwerk. The Los Angeles based electro pop artist tells readers:

Since returning from Holiday we wanted to let you know that we’re once again in “writing” mode. This means new EP, new record, NEW NEW NEW! We got a cute studio space where we don’t have to build teepees to cut vocals in. It’s very vibey, so hopefully some good stuff will come out of it. We’d been touring the ‘Common Reaction’ album for a bit, and we thought it’s high time for some new songs. We realize that it hasn’t even come out in Europe, which it still might. We’re looking for the right home for it over there… Which brings me to say that sadly we will be leaving Nettwerk Records this year to become “free agents” once again… We felt as did the label that we were destined for different paths. In any case, we thank them for all their help in building this band from the ground up, and wish them nothing but the best.

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