Uh Huh Her’s Camila Grey Upset & Uninspired Watching AMAs

Camila Grey of checked in with fans on the electropop duo’s Twitter (@UhHuhHerMusic) minutes ago, reacting to Sunday night’s American Music Awards. Grey made a plea for Adam Lambert, who shook up the AMAs in 2009, to hit the stage, while not understanding award show stunts like Lady Gaga’s meat dress or someone with LMFAO wearing a box on their head. She writes:

I have to say watching the AMA’s is so upsetting. So uninspired. Are you serious about the mistletoe song! Jesus. Shoot me.

@adamlambert Please get on that stage and show em how it’s done son. X. Aye dios Mio.

If one more person thanks “God” at the AMA’s… I mean…

Sang Mary J!!!!!!!!!!

I guess it just boils down to me not getting music in 2011. Boxes on heads, meat outfits, etc. Where is the music? So confused. Lol.

But I digress…I will now stop bitching about the AMA’s and read some Camus. LOL. Goodnight all.

I sound like my parents. Awesome.

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