UK Celebrating Mariah Carey’s ‘Remixes’ Release

Contributed by SJ:

Sony Music International has scheduled a slew of release parties in the United Kingdom to promote Mariah Carey’s upcoming compilation album “The Remixes.” Read on for the complete list of the dates and locations.

OCTOBER 3, 2003
Ashford – Liquid
Ipswich – Liquid
London – Smoove @ Ministry
Nottingham – Le Palais
Southampton – The Venue

OCTOBER 4, 2003
Birmingham – Nightingale
Bishop`s Stortford – H20
Brighton – Event II
Bristol – Level
Dartford – Zen
Glasgow – Trash
Harlow – Millenium
Leicester – Creation
London – G.A.Y
Manchester – 21Piccadilly
Northampton – Time
Oxford – Park End

OCTOBER 5, 2003
Coventry – Skydome

OCTOBER 8, 2003
Nottingham – Media

OCTOBER 9, 2003
Birmingham – The Works
Cardiff – Creation

OCTOBER 10, 2003
Leicester – Soul Kitchen

OCTOBER 11, 2003
Leeds – Ucci
Manchester – Zoo
Watford – Destiny

OCTOBER 13, 2003
Kingston – The Works

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11 thoughts on “UK Celebrating Mariah Carey’s ‘Remixes’ Release

  1. SJ says:

    It doesn’t matter if fans buy 1 copy or 100 copies. It’s too bad for you hater-ho niceg that you can’t afford to purchase a CD of any kind. ITS A FREE WORLD!. Buying 1 or 100 copies. It shows you how much Mariah fans support her!

  2. mazza says:

    Funny that the promotion for the album has been beefed up by Sony seeing that old washed up tyrant Tommy Mottola has been axed from Sony’s top job… GO MARIAH, suffer Tommy!

  3. niceg says:

    Yeah, go out and get 500 copies when it comes out. that way, you show your dumb-ass support. who else buys Mariah’s CDs anyway! Only loser lamb-hos who desperately need to make another #1s. Let’s face it! It will never gonna happen at least in YOUR LIFETIME :P

  4. mikemc says:

    Go Mariah!!! I can’t wait until October 14th, I’m going to Target early in the morning to grab her album!!!!! And just for future reference Niceg, I plan on buying 1 COPY, not 100!!!!! Don’t try and hate, Mariah doesn’t need her fans to buy 100 copies each in order to make her stuff a hit, it becomes CLASSIC all by itself!

    Gee, if Sony is gonna promote “The REmixes” album because they have money invested, then why didn’t they promote “The Greatest Hits” album a few years back???? Sony released that and there was NO promotion for that!!!! Know your facts tena!!!!! As for the lawsuit thing, PLEASE!!!! You always bring that up, when its so irrelevant to what is being talked about, so what if people have sued Mariah for whatever, when a person is in the spotlight as long as Mariah has been of course people are gonna find something stupid to sue over. Half of the lawsuits were so dumb they were dropped before ever going into court. Gimme a break!

  5. Arman80 says:

    I’ve listened to Miss You and the remix of The One and I think they are awesome! I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the songs. Plus I heard she’s already writing for her next album, SWEET!

  6. Tig says:

    This is a remix CD, from Mariah’s prior label, and I guarantee u, it will go platinum. The club heads love those house remixes, because she was singing them in full-voice. That CD will sell a mint, because it’s old-school Mariah.

  7. EyezCold says:

    Congrats to Sony and Mariah now that they got rid of that bast@rd of Tommy Motolla. They have started promoting Mariah much more than they did before Mariah and Columbia parted ways! Tommy wouldn’t even have once spec of decency as a CEO if Mariah hadn’t sold as much as she has, thanks to her talent, voice, and the whole package. Tommy owes Mariah who he is today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poor Tommy is trying to find the next Mariah….. How sad he still has issues!

  8. MariahsMan says:

    Hey niceg…I think people are allowed to buy as many copies of an album as they want to. It’s called showing SUPPORT for your favorite artist. That’s how Mariah’s fans got her to #1 so many times, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We are her fans, so we support her. MC fans…hope you all enjoy the album!

  9. tena says:

    They are promoting this because they have money invested in it as well as she does. And Tommy was producing a lot of big acts way before Mariah stepped through the doors of Sony. And if Tommy is smart, he will find someone who can actually write songs so he can save himself from having to put out money for plagiarism lawsuits. Mariah’s fans are so naive. Great read for them “hit men” by Fredric Dannen.

    Oh yeah, some of the fans have talked about doing some Xmas shopping early. That is always the talk of fans, how much has she sold, and what they can do to bring up the #s. The cult of the lambs.

  10. Crusader says:

    Let’s see you put out an album then. Whether you like it or not you dumb b!tch Charmbracelet went PLATINUM in the U.S.A. and over 5 times Platinum world wide!!!! Some crap huh? Get a brain first maybe then you can have a decent discussion b!tch! Mariah Forever!!! Crusader!

  11. tena says:

    who cares if it went platinum. Doesn’t mean it’s a quality piece of music. And we know that lambs buy multiple copies. And considering that you have to resort to name calling , and are just a dumb lamb, a decent discussion will never happen if you are in it. The truth is, that Charmbracelet was not a good piece of work, it was awful, and her fans are stupid enough, like the good sheep they are to buy it.

    First of all, Sony and she will profit from this. That is a fact. If you don’t believe that then you are just out and out stupid. It takes money to put stuff on shelves. duh. And as far as the plagiarism, they were settled out of court, that is way different then being dropped. If they were so dumb then the people filing wouldn’t have ended up with a lump sum of money. You need to get your facts straight.

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