UK Fans Rage After Lady Gaga Doubles Her Ticket Prices For Upcoming Gigs

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Having just performed a string of Monster Ball shows in the UK with tickets ranging from £27.50 and £35, fans of Lady Gaga aren’t happy with the 23-year-old for jacking up the price to £50 to £75 for her UK gigs coming up in May and June. Among those complaining:

FayeEllenGregory: I understand that she may have to increased her prices, but 75 pounds! I’m starting to be glad she’s cancelled her Sheffield date as i hopefully won’t have to pay the extra, But I feel for everyone else, she has a massive under 18 fanbase, and its ridiculous to expect someone to pay 75 quid for one artist when I got a day ticket to a festival with loads of bands playing for a tenner less!

jbailey93: It has nothing to do with being worth it, it’s principal how can you charge £35 for tickets for a show, then £75 for the exact same show 4 months later that’s not fair on any level and the thing is they can do it because most fans will pay that too see her its disgraceful

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One thought on “UK Fans Rage After Lady Gaga Doubles Her Ticket Prices For Upcoming Gigs

  1. chuckjones says:

    I ask, how can she continue touring if she charges low prices on her US tour, and then scraps the US show, creates a new much bigger show, and then keeps prices the same when she brings it to the UK? No wonder she was losing money in the UK. Her UK prices were way below comparable acts. Maybe it’s the US fans who should be upset. (I saw her show in the US – it was great, but long to see the UK show.) She wasn’t coming back to the UK at all. Maybe she can afford to do so by finally raising prices. I’m not high income, but I’d rather pay more to see her full scale show, and will do so when she comes back to the US this summer.

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