Underwood, Bice & Clarkson All Top 10 In America

In a press release issued Tuesday, 19 Entertainment is touting the recent successes of their ‘American Idol’ stars, including Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice and Kelly Clarkson, who currently occupied three of the top ten spots on Billboard’s Top 200 album chart the week before Christmas. Commenting on the successful recording careers of ‘Idol’ contestants, Simon Fuller, creator and Executive Producer of ‘American Idol’ said, “This success is a true testament to the power of Idol fans and people power worldwide. Carrie, Bo and Kelly are prime examples of the impact of the ‘Idol’ format, having been discovered by the American public, taken from obscurity and made into true superstars. I am proud to have created a format which has captured the imagination of music fans around the world and which can launch the careers of so many talented young singers. We are looking forward very much to the start of ‘American Idol’s 5th season in January.”

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