University Of South Carolina Offers Sociology Of Lady Gaga Course

A University of South Carolina professor is teaching a Sociology of Lady Gaga course on the ‘Poker Face’ singer’s life and rise to fame. ‘Showbiz Tonight’ had a brief discussion about the news with radio host Brotha Fred. “Yes, I’m signing up for that. Absolutely, A.J. And I think it’s really interesting, but don’t be deceived by the title of this because I’m afraid – kind of like the human sexuality class that I took in college that I thought was going to be really, because – I mean, who doesn’t know about that stuff,” Fred said when asked if he’d sign up for the course. “It turned out to be really hard. This guy is a mega-fan. He may go to a different level. He’s met her five times apparently. And I don’t know – it may turn out to be very difficult.” Watch the segment via below the cut.

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