Update: Michelle Branch Pregnant

A posting by on The Wreckers forum that was later deleted, without explanation, indicated that the singer/songwriter, who recently married her much older bass player Teddy Landau, is pregnant with her first child. The 21-year-old wrote, “So at the beginning of this project everyone at Maverick kept reiterating that they wanted this project to feel young and fun. (Come on people! We all know that [bandmate Jessica Harp] and I are a barrel of freaking monkeys!!) Well now it seems that they are getting exactly what they asked for! Teddy and I are expecting our first child in five months!!! Can you believe it!? That’s definitely young and fun for ya! We are so excited and thrilled about starting this new chapter in our lives. So if I seem a little tired sometimes, and go straight to the bus after a show, you all can’t get on my case too much!!”

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