Uri Gellar Defends Michael Jackson

Uri Geller, who’s psychic demonstrations have stirred up plenty of there own controversy, believes that is no child molester. He said the proof is in the pop star’s subconscious. The spoon bender was on CNN’s ‘American Morning’ with Soledad O’Brien to defend the King of Pop. Asked about hypnotizing the singer, Gellar said, “OK, I asked him, after I gave him the usual information, to change certain behavior. I simply asked him to be very honest with me and tell me about those first allegations that were leveled against him. And he said they were all made up. These were his words. He wasn’t even hesitating. And he said that they wanted my money. Then I went further and I asked him further, I said, why did you pay up then? Why did you pay the boy? And he said, I couldn’t take it any more. It was the easiest thing to do.” Gellar added that he never told Jackson of his questioning. “This is the first time that I talk about it. I went even further with my questioning, and I actually asked him — because I knew the friendship was building. I invited him to my home. I’m a father of two children. I just wanted to know the truth. And I asked him, did you ever touch a child or a young kid inappropriately in a sexual manner? And he said it very, very strongly, clearly, that he would never do such a thing, and he added further that his friendship with children is very beautiful. And I was, you know, just stunned at his directness under hypnosis, because I am a good hypnotist. Years ago, I used to do a hypnotic show on the stages in Israel. I know who is faking and who’s not. Michael was not faking.” Check out the entire transcript here.

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