Uri Geller Regrets Suggesting Michael Jackson TV Documentary

Celebrity psychic and motivational speaker Uri Geller tells MTV News that he believes is innocent of the child molestation charges, but he regrets not being able to prevent the negative publicity that arose from the singer’s admission of sleeping with children. It’s a sound bite he takes some responsibility for, since he helped facilitate the singer’s fateful interview with Martin Bashir. Still, he said Jackson bears most of the blame because he’d warned the singer more than once that having children sleep over was not smart. “I told him, ‘You’ll end up in jail,’ ” Geller said. “Not because he’s guilty … but because this behavior of inviting children into the bedroom, the behavior is unacceptable to the outside world, to the community, to society, and society gets very, very suspicious.” Read more.

Jacko News: It Was From Bellyaching Friedman First

November 29, 2003 – Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com posted an update surrounding the child molestation charges, though most of the article was a self-serving piece to remind readers he was first to report various items. For example, he wrote, “I also told you that the medical condition of the boy was still in jeopardy, although I was asked by my source to not give specifics. Yes, that was all nine days ago. So it’s not exactly ‘news’ to read it again this weekend.” Read more.

Hidden Mic Found Outside Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department

November 29, 2003 – Santa Barbara cops have been ordered to cut out all idle chatter about the child-molestation case after a hidden microphone was discovered outside their headquarters, sources told The New York Post yesterday.

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One thought on “Uri Geller Regrets Suggesting Michael Jackson TV Documentary

  1. tamera williams says:

    michael was a great talent who will be missed by millions, but also unfortunately a victom of oppurtunists. It is sad that some people who were never interested enough to learn about Michael and what a truly wonderful and giving human being he was, could still believe the allogations made against him.

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