USA Today Music Critic Praises Hilary Duff, Rebuffs Christina Aguilera

Ken Barnes of USA Today chatted with readers in an online chat on Tuesday and was asked about his thoughts on Hilary Duff.

“Perfectly pleasant pop (sorry, I’m a functional alliterate)with today’s fashionable rock flavor,” he said. “She sounds fine and the songs are catchy and I found it quite likable, if not stunningly original. I’d take hearing her on the radio over Christina any day.”

Later, he was asked about Christina Aguilera’s string of songs the questioner said had a “rebellious, angry, screw you tone” and whether she was alienating her fan base in the process. “If only, but she’s done a pretty good job of not disappearing,” Barnes responded. “Christina’s certainly a lot more successful on the radio than Britney, who needs a big comeback (which I wouldn’t bet against). I find Christina’s appeal truly baffling.”

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11 thoughts on “USA Today Music Critic Praises Hilary Duff, Rebuffs Christina Aguilera

  1. GoingUnderr says:

    OMIGOSH!!! So true. I would rather listen to crap ass embarrassment Lizzie than fat woman giving birth voice whore Tina! OH and true that!! Christina is definitely more popular than Britney on the radio. Especially on the whore station and fat station!! True that YO! Yeah! Michelle is way beta than Mandy and AVRIL.

  2. louee says:

    Wahoo! He sounds like a bonafide Britney fan in his other comments. I like the fact that he wasn’t bashing anyone, but simply gave his opinion. Even those who disagree with him have to hand it him for being tasteful and tactful in his responses. Couldn’t we learn a lot from him? BTW, a critic reviewed Brit’s new CD and said it is “inventive , consistent and well produced” They said “Me Against the Music” is the least memorable song on the CD. The critic said the CD has at least 3 obvious hits, if they are released as singles “Outrageous,” “Touch of My Hand,” and I forget the name of the last one…damn! He/ She said that a song called “Toxic Boy” is the most “danceable” track. The Cd is 95% dance. Lucky critic! Wish I could’ve hear Brit’s CD early!

  3. soar says:

    This is just one critic giving his opinion. His opinion isn’t gospel. Christina may not appeal to him, but she appeals to me and her millions of other fans. Hilary Duff is sweet and all, but she would NOT have gotten a record deal if she hadn’t done Lizzie McGuire. Her music is a success because of her TV show. She can’t write music, and she is not a good singer. Nothing he can say will make me stop being a Christina fan.

  4. Angel_M says:

    ehm, who the ***k is Hilary Duff???? She certainly ain’t big enough for Europe lol Christina is so amazing and wow, has she ever looked as gorgeous as she did at the VMA’s! So HOT & SEXY…. Brit looked alright too.

  5. Danisha says:

    A Spears/Duff fan saying that Xtina’s popularity is ‘truly baffling’ is fantastically ironic. Yes, Xtina’s popularity is indeed baffling to those who aren’t into artists with actual talent and something to say. Spears and Duff aren’t singers. They’re marketing tools for suburban, preppy, bubble gum popping, TRL loving, belly shirt wearing white girls who want to look just like them. These are the same girls who look at artists like Xtina, Pink, Mary J, etc and say ‘eww’ because they truly don’t get it and never will.

  6. Tig says:

    It amazes me, how this cat can try to hate on Christina, when how can you deny this Ho can sang, Not sing like tone deaf (Hilary Duff, Ashanti, Britney (who is chill), Avril, Jessica Simpson (wounded animal). Christina is a great vocalist, she has a great range and she’s NOT AFRAID TO TAKE CHANCES. Listen to 2 Beautiful for Words, We are a Miracle and At Last, not many vocalist can match her power. This Guy is a hater. Get over it.

  7. weebongo says:

    He’s so right Christina’s voice is crap. All she does is ohhh and ahh. .it gets extremely boring after awhile. I’d take J.Lo’s wretched voice over Pigtina’s any day. Pigtina’s voice is overrated. .she sings like sh**

  8. weebongo says:

    Who the hell would be jealous of Pignita, she’s fat, ugly, a horrible dancer & live performer and has NO talent. That’s why she has to sell herself as a whore like no talent Britney. At least Brit is Hot. Pignita is a train wreck like Anna Nicole Smith and almost as fat.

  9. rachel says:

    Umm can you guys read, they only person who this guy is bashing is Britney Spears. LMAO @ the last comment, ” I would bet on it” that Britney would make a successful comeback.

  10. Daz76 says:

    Christina is way more talented than manufactured Hilary Duff, Christina has a unique voice, has something so say and tries different things, what can we say about Lizzie? That she only got her record deal thanks to the success of that Disney show… There’s no comparison between them two.

  11. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    Christina and “Success” don’t even go together…”Dirrty” bombed on the radio, The success of “Beautiful” is all due to Linda Perry who’s an amazing writer. It would have been an success if anyone sang it. “Fighter” quickly came and went, the radio payed no attention to it. “can’t hold us down” the crappy feminine, angry lesbian song is currently bombing on the radio. Now let’s talk touring, Christina isn’t successful enough and isn’t a great entertainer so she was paired with Timberlake just so they could fill arena’s. Most of the people who went to the show said Christina had the worst performance of the two…Christina only gets sponsoring deals after Britney. Think Coke, Then Sketchers. Christina face it, you’re done…Even you exposing you’re fat white ass in magazines couldn’t bring you major success cause everyone is over you and your stunts, this will be you’re last album because you used up everyone in the music business you possible could!

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