Usher’s Comment Causes Stir

Usher allegedly made comments about kissing Madonna, saying it was ignorant and so on. But, from what I hear from my friends and people in my classes, most people disagree or have problems with his reasoning.

Point 1 – What about Christina Aguilera and Madonna. Are they just as ignorant, or is Usher picking on Britney because she has a hot single, and a best selling tour?

Point 2 – Usher acts like he is sticking up for Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC. Let Justin speak for himself, but we all know from Punk’d he is kind of a sissy.

Point 3 – Justin has nothing to do with the kiss. Him and Brit were not dating. Case closed. She can kiss anyone she wants. And Usher needs to take his brown-nosing nose out of Justin’s butt and stop dancing and acting like Justin. We don’t need another copycat.

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One thought on “Usher’s Comment Causes Stir

  1. name says:

    WOW!!! Usher copying Justin? Usher’s career proceeds Justin’s by several years.

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