Utada: Fresh New Artist

21-year-old singer/songwriter Utada will offer a fresh new sound for music fans this Fall when her US debut album, EXODUS, is released Oct. 5 on Island. An enigmatic fusion of alternative, pop, dance and funk grooves, EXODUS features witty lyrics and well-crafted melodies. The first remix single on the album is “Devil Inside,” an hypnotic dance track laced with electronic Asian-flavored beats that is sure to be a club favorite. Another winning track is the sunny pop melody “Easy Breezy,” which will be the first radio single off the album.

Utada is also joined on her debut album by some outstanding special guests such as drummer Jon Theodore from Mars Volta, who delivers an infectious groove on “Kremlin Dusk,” and master producer Timbaland who adds his funky touch to “Exodus ’04,” “Wonder ‘Bout” and “Let Me Give You My Love.”

Here’s what they had to say about recording with Utada:
“She’s above the typical trappings of pop music because her voice is beautiful and she writes her own music. She has discerning taste that sort of transcends the genre. It’s not really classifiable.” –Jon Theodore of Mars Volta

“We did some great work together- Exodus is such a fabulous song and Utada is the best!” –Timbaland

Official Website:

  • Http://www.utada.com
  • Utada is also Japan’s most popular artist, currently being the only artist to sell over 10 million copies of one album. Utada has put out 3 CDs and one singles collection. She was also featured on the soundtrack to the popular RPG game “Kingdom Hearts” singing ‘Simple and Clean’ + ‘Hikari’.

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