‘Vaginas Vote, Chicks Rock’

Charlotte Martin and Vanessa Carlton were amongst those on hand for ‘Vaginas Vote, Chicks Rock’ at the Apollo Theater on Monday (September 13) in New York City. Check out pictures from GettyImages (arrivals / photoshoot).

Vanessa Carlton Visits Z100

August 24, 2004 – Vanessa was on Z100 Morning Zoo to talk about her new album ‘Harmonium’ and the first single ‘White Houses’ – which she performed in studio. She talked about how her life has changed since the success of her debut, how she’s satisfied with what’s on the new album, and then Sharon praised the new album and her piano skills. Carlton talked about how she’s not concerned with commercial success – she’ll leave that to the record execs.

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One thought on “‘Vaginas Vote, Chicks Rock’

  1. slutina_hAguilera says:

    My vagina is a little to beat up to do that.

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