Vanessa Carlton Aces Sarcasm In Blender Music Exam

While lost to Fabolous in The 2003 Blender Music Exam, she won for giving the funniest answers. Asked to complete the following Nelly lyric: ‘It’s getting hot in herre, so…” Vanessa responded, “…come ova here wit dat Band-Aid and gimme sum-a dat man-luv.”

Asked what Michael Jackson said he was planning on quitting music to concentrate on, instead of the correct answer acting, she said, “Smooth young boys.”

Asked who Nas hoped to “mock lynch” at a radio sponsored show over the summer, instead of Jay-Z, she said, “Christina Aguilera – he thought TRL’ers might enjoy auto-erotic asphyxiation.”

And which part of her body was it rumored Kylie Minogue had lifted, instead of her butt, Carlton said, “The part that makes it impossible for her to do the robot.”

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