Vanessa Carlton Checks In After Late World Show

checked in with fans on Tuesday following her performance on VH1’s Late World with Zach Galifianakis. Carlton said, “Hey all, I had fun with Zach on Late World. He’s a cool cat. I really did eat a leaf. It didn’t taste bad, although…. I wouldn’t recommend it.” She added, “Going to Jamaica tomorrow at 5 am for three days of radio promo. I’m certainly not complaining. It will be nice to be in the ocean for a sec. I want to see dolphins. I got a recommendation for ya…. check out John Mayer’s album, ‘Room For Squares’. Peace.”

KIIS FM Highlights

March 21, 2002 – Vanessa was on with KIIS FM’s JoJo for his top 9 at 9 countdown. Vanessa seemed impressed with the DJ’s hair, flirtatiously commenting on it several times. Vanessa says during the taping of the ‘A Thousand Miles’ video, she was actually playing the piano and hitting all the right notes, but the piano didn’t work. The owl in the video is named ‘Gizmo’ and the majority of times he was flying at her head, but only the few times he was behaving actually made the video. Vanessa was wearing a pink ‘Free Winona’ t-shirt and said the album title ‘Be Not Nobody’ came to her in a dream. She later performed her song ‘A Thousand Miles’ which was number two on JoJo’s Top 9 at 9 countdown. Vanessa even read a Sears advertisement spot afterwards. To close up, she sang a few notes off the new album, but she refused to show JoJo her toes. In addition, a fan from Vanessa’s official site message board shared her experience from the KIIS FM studios where she met Vanessa.

Performing On KIIS Any Minute Now

March 20, 2002 – I’m listening to KIIS FM right now and JoJo says that Vanessa is in the building right now and will be performing soon. Vanessa told fans on her message board ahead of the performance, “Hey there, I’m playin’ live on the radio tonight in LA on KIIS FM. I’ll be playin’ at around eight if anyone is in Cali. Finishing up artwork this week for the album. It’s a surprise. Your posts still make me blush.”

Vanessa Carlton Fans React To Branch Diss

March 18, 2002 – Fans on Vanessa’s official site message board are letting their feelings known following the jaw-dropping comments Michelle Branch made about their favorite singer yesterday. neos12 wrote of the re-published remark, “Basically that proves she originally wrote it and she isn’t going to apologize. very sad.” Kotonk added, “Celebrities need to understand that although we all have a right to express our own opinions, celebrities, like it or not, have an added responsibility of being careful of what they say publicly.”

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