Vanessa Carlton Enjoyed Candie’s Photo Shoot chatted with about her recent photo shoot for Candie’s which she found to be a pleasurable experience. “It was fun and it’s not like I’m naked in the pictures,” she said. “I only do what I want to do, it’s not like I’m being forced into anything I don’t want to. And Candie’s, I just love the way they do their shots because it’s always these women are kind of…they seem so free and doing what they want to be doing.”

Carlton ‘Hyper And Excited’ About HK/Toyko Trip

July 11, 2002 – told fans on her official message board Thursday: “I’m going to Hong Kong and Tokyo next month. I’ve never been before so I’m all hyper and excited about it.”

To Write & Sing In Moby Remix

July 10, 2002 – reports Moby has approached Vanessa to write and sing on a remix of ‘Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday),’ a track from his latest album, 18. “It’s all in the works,” Carlton said. “We have to work our schedules out, but it’s very flattering.”

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