Vanessa Carlton Grows After Debut

Vanessa Carlton 'Harmonium' caught up with for a brief Q&A and asked the singer how she would compare her new album ‘Harmonium’ from her debut effort ‘Be Not Nobody’. “I’ve grown a lot from the first record,” Carlton responded. “I’ve just become better at communicating and as a writer. You just kind of grow beyond your diary confessional stage.” The transcript at has since been removed.

Is ‘Not Nobody’

November 6, 2004 – Dan Aquilante of the New York Post reviewed Vanessa Carlton’s first of her two-night engagement at Joe’s Pub the other night. Aquilante writes, “At this show, Carlton bravely ditched her band and performed with just a piano. It’s hard to connect with a crowd when you’re all by yourself under the spotlight, yet this relative newcomer managed to be totally natural.”

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