Vanessa Carlton Is Fit To Be Tied

TV Guide Online caught up with Vanessa Carlton to talk about MTV not liking the bondage scene of her ‘Pretty Baby’ video, which she still is smarting over. “It’s a very innocent video,” Carlton insisted. “It’s very tame, the ending. But it’s very unexpected coming from an artist like me, I suppose. I didn’t even think it was that big a deal.”

Vanessa Carlton Suffering With Bronchitis & Strep Throat

March 4, 2003 – Vanessa posted a new message on her official website on Saturday. She writes, “Hi, it’s been too long. I’m home visiting my parents with a bad case of bronchitis and strep throat. It totally blows and so does my nose (did I really just type that). Anyway, you guys should know that you’re part of the reason that I was at the Grammy’s. It was a cool night to say the least. I love James Taylor. I’m taking a few weeks off to finish up songs before heading into the studio. Hope you’re all doin’ dandy. As usual you make me feel like the luckiest piano chick ever. Peace out to all the special homies.”

Vanessa Carlton’s Shampoo Purchases Chronicled

March 3, 2003 – The New York Post reports Vanessa was spotted picking up olive oil shampoo and conditioner at the L’Occitane boutique on Madison Avenue.

Rowland And Carlton Debut Their Candie’s Shoes

February 21, 2003 – Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland and Vanessa Carlton debuted Candie’s shoes designed by them in which all sales benefit the Grammy Foundation at Macy’s in New York City on Thursday (February 20).

Sorry Milan, My Piano Doesn’t Fit

February 6, 2003 – Vanessa Carlton ran into a problem many of her pop peers wouldn’t have while on tour in Europe. She tells fans on Monday, “I’m so sorry. I’ve never cancelled before. Unfortunately, we had to switch venues last minute in Milan and I couldn’t fit my freakin’ piano down the stairs. Sometimes I wish I played drum. Everyone who bought tickets, I promise I’ll make it up to you. This is my first and last cancellation as long as I can help it.”

Vanessa Carlton Freezing In Germany

February 3, 2003 – Vanessa checked in with fans on her official message board earlier today. She writes, “Hey there to all of the ultimate peeps. I’m freezing my ass off in Germany right now. The shows are great over here, but food and weather kinda suck. I just looked at some pictures of me in all of my blonde glory and couldn’t help but chuckle. How hilarious is that! Don’t worry guys, I will forever be a brunette, although it wasn’t half bad. Kinda cute right? Anyway, I can’t for my UK dates. Finally I get to play London! It should be very cool. Stay warm over there homies. kisses. Peace. Your blonde uberstar. Vanessa.”

Vanessa Carlton On ‘Dateline’ And ‘American Dreams’

February 3, 2003 – Vanessa will appear on ‘Dateline’ NBC on Sunday (February 9), which is right before her appearance on ‘American Dreams’. Vanessa will be performing as ‘Dusty Springfield’ on the show. ‘Dateline’ airs at 7/6 PM, while ‘American Dreams’ airs at 8/7 PM.

Avril On How Vanessa Carlton Changed Her Look

January 27, 2003 – Avril Lavigne has revealed to Us Weekly how Vanessa changed her appearance to set herself apart from rival Michelle Branch. “I hear she cut her bangs because everyone thought she looked like Michelle Branch,” Lavigne said. All three are expected to attend next month’s Grammy Awards.

Vanessa Carlton At The 2003 NAMM Show

January 17, 2003 – Vanessa posed for photographs in front of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus for Teens at the 2003 NAMM Show at the Anaheim Convention Center on Thursday (January 16) in Anaheim, California.

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