Vanessa Carlton Packs & Does Dishes Before NY Trip

posted an updated for fans on her official site Friday telling them, “I’m really excited right now because I get to fly home to NY tomorrow morning. I’m buzzing around my apartment trying to pack and do dishes, but I fear I am making no progress whatsoever. I’m really looking forward to playing my song on MTV. I’m finally starting to meet with radio stations next week too. Thanks again for all the cool messages (I love the Vanessa Carlton Warrior icon… I was hysterical!!!) Much love to you guys.”

Blushing Over Compliments

January 5, 2002 – Vanessa again communicated with fans on her official site’s message board on Saturday following the TRL premiere of her new video saying, “Just want everyone to know that I get so excited everyday to check out what you guys say. I honestly never expected so many amazing messages. I have the best fans ever. I can’t wait for you all to be able to hear the rest of the songs on the album. I’m not sure if I should be saying this (my record company is gonna kill me), but the B side of the single (“A Thousand Miles” is going to be a special live version of the song “Twilight”. Twilight is just me and the piano. Just want you guys to know. (Look for it in early Feb.)”

Vanessa Carlton Jumps Online Following TRL Premiere

January 5, 2002 – Vanessa jumped online after her video for “A Thousand Miles” debuted on MTV’s Total Request Live. The awestruck Vanessa posted on her official site’s message board, “My mom will be proud. Ummmm… I was just world premiered? Carson was cool. You guys are awesome. Much Much Much love and thanks.”

Vanessa Carlton Ticketed For Running Red

January 5, 2002 – Vanessa admitted Thursday on her official site’s message board that “I got two tickets last week for running red lights. My mom says that I’m a beginner driver but I swear I’m intermediate.” As for her album, Vanessa said, “FYI just got back to LA from Arizona (I was riding horses). I’m finishing up vocals on a few songs and rehearsing with my band. Trying to decide on album cover, but I don’t like the pictures. (I hate getting my picture taken).”

Vanessa Carlton Says Fame Won’t Change Her

January 5, 2002 – Vanessa posted to fans on her official site’s message board not to worry about her big break on MTV will turn her into a pop diva. Vanessa said ahead of her video debut last weekend, “I had know idea they were going to air the video already. I’m so happy people like it. I had so much fun filming it. I wish I could respond to every e-mail I get. I thank each and every one of you for the support. Those of you who are worried that fame will change me…. don’t. I don’t buy into any of the bullsh*t. I’m actually in the desert right now riding horses.”

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