Vanessa Carlton Performs On TRL Tuesday

Vanessa Carlton stopped by the MTV Beach House for Total Request Live on Tuesday. Vanessa talked about her success with ‘Be Not Nobody’, going on tour with Third Eye Blind and Goo Goo Dolls, and going to college at Columbia soon. Carlton then performed ‘Ordinary Day’. Check out a transcript of her chat with Damien by reading on.

Damien: Welcome back to TRL, it is Damien. Look everyone just cheering getting excited for our first guest. She walked a thousand miles dragged her piano along the boardwalk now in seaside give it up for the lovely, beautiful and talented miss Vanessa Carlton


Damien: Yeah. There she is!


Damien: Lots and lots of fans.


Damien: How are you? Nice to meet you. I’ve never met you before, this is a meting here do you like seaside.

Vanessa: Yeah, it’s really hot. It’s good. I love the beach.

Damien: I do, too.

Vanessa: You guys are all tan and pretty.

Damien: Protecting yourself from the sun with that hat.

Vanessa: I’m protecting myself from the rays.

Damien: Last time you talked about your new album “be not nobody” your latest.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Damien: It’s gone gold since.

Vanessa: Yeah, that’s wild thank you.

Damien: Did you think when you were little playin’ the piano this would happen? It is huge.

Vanessa: I’m proud of it, you know. I just hope people connect with it and it’s been quite a trip, quite a ride. I don’t know it’s kind of — it’s good, everything is good. I’m very happy.

Damien: [Inaudible] Different?

Vanessa: No, I just travel a lot. I have my same friends, close to my family. If anything I appreciate the time I’m with them and chill whenever I can and then play. Getting through, getting on stage it is the best part of my day.

Damien: And you are moving kind of like away because were you accepted to Columbia University


Damien: That definitely deserves props because I got credit for my name on the S.A.T’s

Vanessa: Let’s not discuss them, shall we that’s the worst.

Damien: I know, right.

Vanessa: That’s one of many goals I have. I’ll go to school do a bit while I record and do everything I can.

Damien: You aren’t going to stay in a dorm aren’t you.

Vanessa: I don’t think so I’m kind of done with dorms. It smells, there is fighting, I’d rather be on my own.

Damien: Play your music in a secluded room.

Vanessa: People yell, I played my keyboards and people are not happy.

Damien: Going to college, a great career, what is the reason for going to college, your academic goals or priorities?

Vanessa: Just part of — I think it will make me better at what I do, I think it just adds to my artistry. I don’t think you are ever gonna stop learning. I think it is imperative for me. It’s good.

Damien: Good. Good answer.

Vanessa: A mix in there.

Damien: The dean will like that.

Vanessa: My mom will be very proud of that answer thank you very much.

Damien: You are touring with third eye blind and goo goo dolls this summer. Have you met the guys.

Vanessa: Yeah. I have and they are so nice and looking forward to it. So we’ll have a fun summer a just be doin’ our thing.

Damien: You will perform in a second.

Vanessa: Yes.

Damien: We’ll toss you on the piano there. We have to get back to the countdown no. 6 she dropped two spots from yesterday, she will be here to perform and hopefully will get extra votes from you fans Kylie Minogue “love at first sight” as we hang out with Vanessa Carlton this is cool right.

Vanessa: What?

Damien: This is cool


Damien: No. 6 on the countdown Kylie Minogue “Love at First Sight”. You guys voted if it and all access week means you are gettin’ involved, the fans — star and fan interaction, none better than Louie, he’s been here since 8:00 A.M.?

Fan: Yes, that’s correct.

Damien: To see Vanessa Carlton.

Fan: Yeah.

Damien: A big fan.

Fan: Yes, I am.

Damien: What do you like about her.

Fan: Shall is talented, a great voice and doesn’t hurt to be hot.

Damien: Did you hear that, it don’t hurt to be hot. A great voice and very talented you are exactly right do you want to dot honors grab the mic.

Fan: Come on seaside make some noise the moment you’ve been waiting for, from her album “be not nobody” your no. 5 request Vanessa Carlton ‘Ordinary Day’.


Vanessa: Thank you.


Vanessa: That was great. Thank you so much Vanessa Carlton. If I may shake your hand. That voice, great! Thank you so much for stoppin’ by “Ordinary Day” is the song from “Be Not Nobody” if you don’t have it, pick it up. Good luck at Columbia

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