Vanessa Carlton Talks Grammys & Artichokes

Grammy nominated Vanessa Carlton checked in with fans on her official website on Sunday. She writes, “Hi, I’m in LA right now eating artichokes. They’re completely underrated. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now. Warm and fuzzy all over. The Grammy noms were such a surprise. As hyped as they are, they don’t make me feel as good as you guys do. You all are the heart of the matter. Happy New Year to my peeps far and wide. Happy artichoke eats. Much peace and big kisses. Vanessa.”

Vanessa Carlton Says There Must Be A Dynamic Within Shows

January 8, 2003 – spoke with Vanessa about what she wants to achieve on stage as a performer. “I hate it when I go to rock shows and I get bored,” Carlton said. “It’s funny, because, you can rock hard, and if you rock hard for too long, it just becomes soft. And it’s like, OK, it’s very important for me that there must be a dynamic within the show. And something, it has to be more of a ride, it has to be more of a journey, kind of paralleling the record that I made.”

Youth Gone Wild At Grammy Nominations

January 7, 2003 – David Browne of Entertainment Weekly weighed in on the youth movement at today’s Grammy nominations which saw veteran rocker Bruce Springsteen get five nods, but also newcomers Nelly, Ashanti, and Avril Lavigne, get five as well, and in major categories, not to mention nods for and Vanessa Carlton. He writes, “Why the sudden youthful slant of a voting body that’s been openly skeptical of pop and hip hop in the past? It could be an indication that voters are loosening up or getting younger. Or, to be cynical, maybe the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the Grammy governing body, wants to put a stop to its faltering TV ratings…” Browne also gave Avril a rough time for mispronouncing David Bowie’s last name as Bow as in ‘Cow’, not ‘Beau’. Read more.

Vanessa Carlton Thanks Fans For 2002 Success

December 25, 2002 – Vanessa posted a message on Tuesday on her official forum stating: “I want to thank you guys for making 2002 so incredible. I am so thankful for your sweet music love. I promise to provide you with the utmost for years to come. I wish I could visit everyone, but I’m in Arizona hangin’ out with horses and getting a sore ass loping through the desert. I hope you all have a merry Christmas. I love my peeps like nobody’s business. Heehee. Peace, Vanessa.”

Vanessa Carlton Doesn’t Perform To Get Attention

December 23, 2002 – CNN’s The Music Room caught up with Vanessa and asked the singer how hard is it to keep her artistic integrity in an industry that is often so driven by teen pop. “I think it’s very hard,” she said. “I’ve been a performer since I was 5 years old. I’m not doing it to get attention. I’m doing it to express something that I love, and there’s no point in doing what I’m doing unless it’s honest and real. So it’s not really hard for me to maintain integrity. It’s just something that’s very natural.” Check out the entire transcript here.

‘A Thousand Miles’ Gets A Negative Foo Response

December 15, 2002 – Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and drummer Taylor Hawkins are no fans of Vanessa Carlton’s ‘A Thousand Miles’. Hawkins told Spin magazine, “What the hell is this sh**? Is this someone’s piano recital?” He added, “It’s kind of like the new Bruce Hornsby. Does the Range play with her? Nah, I don’t like it.” Grohl simply stated, “‘Flashdance’.”

Vanessa Carlton Is Excited About Her Next Album

December 7, 2002 – Vanessa is on the cover of the latest issue of Get Real Detroit. Shannon McCarthy spoke with the singer about her relationship with her A&M Records label. “Being on a major label has been very beneficial for me,” she said. “I’ve obviously gotten way more exposure. It’s a powerhouse label, so it’s basically just broadened my fanbase and broadened my horizons. We have a very good relationship.” As for a follow-up on the label, Carlton revealed, “I get a break a little in January and then I go to Europe and then I’ll start recording in the springtime. I think I’ve been writing some of the best material I’ve written so far, so I keep growing as a writer, and it really just kind of is expanding my palette of sounds, and it’s really exciting.”

Vanessa Carlton To Appear On CBS Christmas Special

December 6, 2002 – Contributed by fans4music: reports if you’re in Hollywood this weekend and think you spot Vanessa, you’re probably right. The ‘Pretty Baby’ singer is heading out to the Golden State to tape the CBS special ‘A Home for the Holidays’. The program is set to air December 20th. Also scheduled to appear on ‘A Home for the Holidays’ (sharing their own heartwarming stories or songs about adoption) are Faith Hill, Creed, Steven Curtis Chapman and Melissa Etheridge.

Vanessa Carlton On Thanksgiving

November 29, 2002 – Vanessa shared her thoughts on Thanksgiving to She said, “Thanksgiving means suffering through chewy turkey that my mother insists is the best in the land. And it’s horrible. Thanksgiving is just about appreciating and observing the craziness of your own family and it’s really At times it can get a little intense and crazy, but there’s so much drama that happens on Thanksgiving day I think in every household, whether it’s kind of underneath the surface or not, I think it’s a big social experiment, especially when my mom’s cooking the turkey.”

Vanessa Carlton Fans Upset After Lip-Synching In Detroit

November 29, 2002 – Vanessa fans reacted unhappily to the singer’s halftime performance of ‘A Thousand Miles’ at the Detroit Lions-New England Patriots game on Thursday (November 28) in Detroit, especially when Bon Jovi performed live just afterwards. While several noted excuses for the lip synching, m125 Boy writes, “You cite all these things, but then why was Bon Jovi live? Monitors would not be a problem in this case. I would be more concerned with the unholy amounts of reverberation in a stadium. There is nothing you can really do about it though. Bon Jovi was live. Vanessa wasn’t. Same stage.”

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