Vanessa Carlton’s Music Recommendations

checked in with fans on her official web site’s forum on 15th. “So when the new site goes up and I get my act together and do a MySpace thing I’ll have a little box that tells you what I’m listening to,” she writes. “This is long overdue. I discovered Regina Spektor about a year ago. She is one of the most talented musicians on the scene and should be selling boatloads of records. Please check out her site and her live performances. Killer. Also the Snow Patrol album is excellent. So nice to see their song doing well. Currently, in a brisk SF, writing songs and planning out my 2007. You will all be so pleased!!! I’m sure of it. Lots of good stuff to come. xo v”

Vanessa Carlton: I’m Writing The Best Stuff I’ve Ever Written

August 17, 2006 – Vanessa checked in with fans on her official web site’s forum on Tuesday (August 15). “I think I’ve found an awesome group of people to support me and this album,” she writes. “Can’t give you details ’til it’s done, but you’ll all be very surprised and curious that’s for sure. Life seems very sweet. I’m figuring out to enjoy myself more these days. I like getting older. I honestly think I’m writing the best stuff I’ve ever written right now. I feel a huge sense of freedom on all fronts and I can’t wait to take this vibe to the road, the radio, your iPods, and beyond. I’ll write another update soon and tell you everything. Also this website is gonna get updated. I don’t know about you but I’m so sick of seeing myself all pearly slumped in the corner. ; ) xo v”

Embraces Travel

July 21, 2006 – Vanessa checked in with fans at her official web site’s forum on Wednesday (June 21). “Hi. So I’m slightly zombieish having just gotten in from the red eye from SF but… so excited,” she writes. “In addition to working on my album stuff, I just demoed 6 new songs for the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ musical. Man, I hope they use this stuff. It’s super good. Stephan [Jenkins of Third Eye Blind, her boyfriend] and I worked on it together in his new bad ass SF studio. Musicals rock when the songs are really good. Anyway just one of many things going on. I’m gonna go to Spain on Monday for 10 days and will be drinking lots of wine and buying lots of baubles for friends. Barcelona and then on to Fromentara. Travel has become one of my favorite things. From Aus to New Zealand. I especially like going alone. If you haven’t done this yet… You gotta do it. Perhaps, I’ll be inspired over there and write weird Spanish songs. Woohoo. Talk soon guys, xo v”

Vanessa Carlton Done Writing New Album

May 12, 2006 – Vanessa checked in with fans at her official web site forum on Wednesday (May 10). “Hey guys, soooo….. there’s not much news,” she writes. “Life has been good lately. I have an album written (it’s my best work I think) and my dog is almost potty trained. Thank the friggin lord. So things are lookin up. Again, I’d like to thank everyone again for stickin around for so long. You all impress me so much with your level of interest. Get ready for website changes and a real myspace page. Chuggin along over here in Nolita. Ok gotta watch ‘Lost’. Seriously this show is losing steam. I mean really. xo v”

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