Varsity Fanclub Are No Longer With Capitol Records

Varsity Fanclub

checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace on Thursday (March 26), revealing what many had expected was coming given the current economic environment – they are no longer with Capitol Records. The boy band tell readers:

We are writing this letter to say thank you so much for your support and loyalty. Yes, it is true that we are no longer with Capitol Records, but we are still signed to StoneHall Records. Let us be the first to say that we were not dropped, but that we are in the process of negotiating away from the label. As everyone in the industry knows, Capitol has gone through several changes with in the company. The team of people who originally signed us is not the same team we have ended up with. Capitol is an amazing label and we hope them much success. Unfortunately we all came to the same understanding that it was just the wrong match for us.

We, VFC, want to let everyone know that we are not going away. We are in the process of talking with other labels, and are recording new songs with new choreography. Songs that you will not be able to find on YouTube this time. ;) We are excited to say that we still have an album coming out and its an album that has better and more updated songs.

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One thought on “Varsity Fanclub Are No Longer With Capitol Records

  1. Joyce says:

    I asm interested in bringing the Varsity Fan Club here to Clarksville, TN. Who do I contact? I am exhausted having to commute with my daughter and her friends to other cities to see the group when there is a large following here in this university and army town. Please e-mail me and tell me the particulars. Thank You.

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