Vegas Group Planning Jennifer Lopez Dance Club & Cable Show

The Las Vegas Sun reports that in addition to opening another Madre’s in Las Vegas, plans on opening a dance club which would be called J-Lo. Dick Clark’s business partner Ed Fishman and veteran entertainment producer Joey Battig had lunch on successive days last week with MGM and Park Place execs about the planned establishment. The group is also negotiating with Shiela E., Ricky Martin, and Alyssa Milano about one of them hosting a weekly late-night risque cable show to be broadcast from the venue.

Fur Flies, Ben Affleck Caves – But No Word From

December 9, 2002 – Lloyd Grove of the Washington Post has more details on the Jennifer and Ben troubles with PETA recently. While Ben wrote to PETA assuring them “you have opened my eyes to a particularly cruel and barbaric treatment of animals. I can assure you I do not endorse such treatment and will not do anything in the future that supports it”, nothing stating likewise came from J.Lo. “We’ve tried to reach out to her, but she has always seemed indifferent to the animal suffering behind fur,” PETA Vice President Dan Mathews said. “Every couple has issues through which they each evolve, and we’re hoping Ben will help Jennifer evolve on animal rights.”

Explains Who She Is

December 9, 2002 – Jennifer is on the cover of this week’s Parade magazine. “When people ask me who I am,” Lopez explains, “I just say, ‘I’m a simple girl from the Bronx who worked really hard.’ I always wanted everybody to be pleased with me. I went out of my way to be sweet and loving. At home and in Catholic school, it was drummed into my head, ‘Be good. Do the right thing. Word hard. Don’t hurt anybody. God will look out for you. Be a good girl.’ And I still am.”

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