Versace Speaks Out About Madonna Ad Campaign

Donatella Versace was interviewed on Italian TV news show TG2 yesterday, during the interview she was asked about Madonna’s involvement in the new Versace Spring/Summer 2005 fashion shoot that took place last week in London. Donatella herself said she wanted for the campaign because: “She’s a big friend of mine and of my family, because she’s a big star who knows how to reinvent herself every time and is more and more charming and more and more feminine even if she’s not in her twenties anymore. And she never gives up, just like I do, maybe this is why we are friends.”

Madonna’s Stalker Fears

December 2, 2004 – The Sun reports that is terrified she will be gunned down by a crazed stalker line Beatles legend John Lennon. A wealthy middle-aged American man has been making the Material Girl’s life a living hell and recently stepped up his disturbing behavior, hand delivering letters to her home. Madonna’s so fearful now, she avoids leaving her home.

Madonna’s Built-In Audience

December 1, 2004 – spoke with Publisher’s Weekly about her latest children’s book ‘The Adventures of Abdi’. “Celebrity is an advantage and a disadvantage,” the Material Girl says in this week’s issue. “It’s an advantage because I have a built-in audience. People know who I am and they pay attention to what I do and what I say.”

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5 thoughts on “Versace Speaks Out About Madonna Ad Campaign

  1. Clara106 says:

    Madonna makes a good point. People listen to celebrities, no matter who says otherwise. its good that she realizes that and tries to make a difference whenever she can, and by being creative. she has also already shown that she doesn’t shy away from saying or doing something that isn’t popular, and I think its good when a positive female role model has something to say other than “look at my hot body!!”, or “I love sex!”. sure, Madonna has had a sultry past but, she has obviously changed and has said many times that her biggest influence nowadays is her children so, it should be no surprise that she wants to write children’s book with a good message.

    why not buy something because your fave singer wrote it? I am a big fan of Madonna and enjoy collecting her magazine covers, posters, etc. and getting one of her children’s books would be a great item to collect as well as to read. and no, an adult reading a children’s book doesn’t make them a moron. there are some great children’s books out there that tell great stories, and are ageless. personally, I wouldn’t buy the book because I try to focus more on Madonna’s musical memorabilia but, if anyone else did then I don’t see a problem. there are some people like Britney Spears and Hilary Duff who release ridiculous amounts poducts like perfume, and lipgloss and expect their fans to buy just because their name is attached to it. at least Madonna is trying to do something with her name.

  2. ko says:

    Reinventing? When was the last time Madonna “reinvented” herself? Costume changes don’t count for reinvention. Pushing the boundaries of music is reinvention. This dumb old wrinkled a$$ skank is just a slut who celebrate Halloween year round with gap teeth and a fake British accent.

  3. Clara106 says:

    When did you start making all the rules? who says that you have to push the boundaries of music to re-invent yourself? and besides, Donatella didn’t say that Madonna had done it recently but, Madonna has re-invented herself many times in her 20+ career. besides, she is settled down now with a husband, and kids. what do you expect her to do? let the woman grow old gracefully, we all have to do it, why is Madonna any different? do you expect her to stay young forever? its so funny how people like to bad talk Madonna by mentioning her age. yeah, she is 46, so what? she can still launch a kick-ass tour, and command respect wherever she goes.

  4. ko says:

    I’m not making rules! That is what reinvention is…she’s a musician…music-‘, ‘ally she has to reinvent herself. Which she hasn’t. Who gives a damn about her image changes!!!! If you want to consider her image transformations “reinvention” and dismiss the fact that she hasn’t done any amazing sh** for music then go right ahead. You are just admitting she’s all image and little music. Which is, to be honest, what her career has been. She has no vocal talent or is musically inclined in anyway to reinvent herself musically. Sad huh.

  5. Clara106 says:

    how can you say she isn’t musically inclined? she has written all of her songs since her second album. she has worked with more of the most groundbreaking and innovative producers than any other artist. she has done everything from pop, to techno, to dance, to rnb, to rock. and no, she didn’t just change her image, all of her albums have a different sound to them, a different message. you could tell that she was always in a different place in her life when writing all of them. also, I’m not even sure if she can change music anymore then she already has. she is the most successful female artist of all time. she could spend the rest of her life not doing anything and she still would have changed not only music but pop culture.

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