Very Nice Guy Justin Timberlake Blows Away Backstreet Fan

A poster at the forum at met up with former star for his ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds’ listening party. spiderchick writes, “Justin was very cool when we were talking about BSB. He especially had nice things to say about Brian and AJ. We started talking about Jive, his time with the group his solo cd, his writing, JC, Christina Aguilera and the first thing he said was how much creative control he had on this album and shared with me that the BSB should fight for it which I agree with. Who knows if he was just being nice because he knew I’m a BSB fan. But he seemed sincere and seemed to like the boys. It’s hard to believe that these guys don’t like each other.” She added that Justin “really blew me away. He thanked us, It’s true what they say… Don’t believe everything you hear and read.”

The entire posting at has since been removed.

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