VH1 Tells What Drove Five Guys To Become *NSYNC

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VH1’s new series Driven, a combination of ‘Before They Were Rock Stars’ and ‘Behind The Music’ will premier ‘DRIVEN:*NSYNC’. On July 9 at 9pm VH1 will air a Special 90 minute Driven on musical group *NSYNC. Never before seen footage of the guys as they were growing up and of their early days when they first got together. Also interviews from those who knew them when they were trying to make it along with an exclusive interview with the real N in *NSYNC. Not many know that like the Beatles had a member who dropped out of the group.

*NSYNC Taking A Break To Get Creative

June 21, 2002 – *NSYNC star took time to chat with David John Farinella of Launch.com. JC addressed the group members taking some time to themselves to work on individual projects before teaming back together. “We kind of always reinvent ourselves, but now I think we’re in a position where–after cranking out five albums in the last four years, one being a European album–we’re going to push ourselves a little bit more,” he says. “We’re giving our ears a break from ourselves, so we can step out and be creative. The whole idea behind it is that we’re each going to go out and listen to different things and write with different people, so that when we come back we have this melting pot and it becomes this whole new thing.”

Melinda Posts On What *NSYNC Star Is Doing What

June 13, 2002 – *NSYNC rep Melinda Bell posted an update on the group’s official website on Thursday. As for what each band member is up to she said, “Lance took a week off and is back in Russia training, testing, training. Justin is busy recording in different parts of the country with different producers, including LA, NYC, and Philly amongst others. Joey is promoting his movies, doing appearances and having auditions for various projects. Chris is also going around the country, he is doing it a different style. No planes for Chris. He has rented a luxury RV and is making his own course writing with different producers in NYC, Philly, Nashville, Buffalo amongst other cities. JC is writing with different producers in LA and working on his house.”

Britney Spears & *NSYNC Shows Are Like Broadway

June 10, 2002 – Chris Macias of the Sacremento Bee spoke with set designer/art director Jim Day ahead of Monday’s concert at the Arco Arena. Day and Steven Cohen help design the stage used by Spears on this tour and has masterminded several other tours including *NSYNC’s. “Every time you’re talking about an *NSYNC or Britney Spears tour, it’s like taking a Broadway show out on the road,” Day says. “It might take up to 20 trucks to haul the sets around. *NSYNC and Britney — their training was with Disney, so they’re performers and can sing and dance at the same time. I’m an older rock ‘n’ roll kind of guy, but the kids seem to love it.”

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