VH1’s Best Week Ever: Britney and Kevin’s Wedding Vows

Contributed anonymously:

VH1’s Best Week Ever Show gave what they thought were and Kevin Federline’s wedding vows:

Kevin: I promise you will always be my bitch… I promise to always stand in your shadow, no matter how big it gets… I love you. Don’t get fat.

Britney: Kevin Earl Federline… [fans self] I’ve never felt this way before about a back-up dancer…who was white. I promise to always… dance… haha, I do that anyway! [looks at crowd] Omigawd, y’all, I’m gettin’ married!!… I promise to always be, like… a wife. [snaps gum] Y’all, shut up! They’re makin’ me laugh!!

Kevin: I promise to love you no matter how much your new song sucks.

Britney: Thank you for reminding me to move my mouth when I lip sync.

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