Video Captures Miley Cyrus Taking A Salvia Bong Hit

TMZ has obtained footage of smoking something out of a bong days after her 18th birthday, though a source connected to the Disney star says she was enjoying a natural herb called salvia which has psychedelic qualities and is legal to possess in California. Watch Miley taking a hit and acting crazy after the experience below the cut.

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3 thoughts on “Video Captures Miley Cyrus Taking A Salvia Bong Hit

  1. Brittany Smith says:

    Go Miley I new you were a pot smoker…whoo..I love this sh**..

  2. michael says:

    No class whatsoever..Miley keep doing dumb things like this..and you will end up hooking up with a damn loser..and your life will be over because of some unwanted baby..think wisely here.

  3. Donz says:

    Hard case, live it up chick you seemed like you were having a typical teenage session, friends, laughter, joking… nothing wrong with that! just maybe trying keep it private from the haters :D

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