Video Crew Doesn’t Stray Below Aguilera’s Bulging Waist

Thom Smith of the Palm Beach Post Staff reviewed the and show at Office Depot Center in Sunrise, where the star’s girlfriend Cameron Diaz held court, and much was made over Aguilera’s weight gain. “While Diaz’s lanky 5-9 fits comfortably with Timberlake’s 6-1, Aguilera still measures 5 foot 3 (on her toes maybe), although on her earlier tour she looked tall and thin,” Smith explained. “Gone is the blond with the six-pack abs from February’s Maxim. Wednesday’s Christina had a tummy, and her flanks bulged over her spandex. Her simple encore costume — jeans and a white T-shirt with the phrase ‘God Sees No Color’ — made her look even heavier. Backstage, the extra weight was obvious. Which is why shots from the video crew, running two large overhead screens, almost never strayed below the waist.”

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