Virgin Kelly Clarkson Saving Herself Until She’s At Least 30

Globe magazine reports ‘American Idol’ winner Kelly Clarkson, 20, is still a virgin and will likely remain one because she’s set her heart on a music career and not love. Jessica Hugghins, Kelly’s best pal, told the Globe, “Kelly has never had sex. She wants to save herself for marriage – and says she probably won’t walk down the aisle until she’s at least 30.” Another pal of Kelly’s, Lindsey Hope, said, “Kelly’s definitely interested in guys, but her career comes first. She wants to fall in love some day, but right now she’s too busy living out her dream.”

Texan Claims He Fixed ‘American Idol’ For A Kelly Clarkson Win

19, 2002 – Globe magazine spoke with Texan Roy McCoy who says he “rigged ‘American Idol'” by making “millions of phone calls within a single hour.” He added, “We were able to manipulate the voting and each week: I picked off contestants one by one to make sure [Kelly] survived until the end and won. By manipulating the vote and eliminating some of her strongest competitors, I kept her on the show and eventually put her over the top. I don’t know Kelly, but she was the best and she was from my home state. I did it for Texas and I’m proud to have done it.” McCoy says he was helped by a friend that has access to telephone dialing devices at a telemarketing firm, though he wouldn’t reveal the person’s name.

Kelly Clarkson’s New Single On Track To Sell 150,000

18, 2002 – reports that one day sales for Kelly’s new double-side rush-released single for ‘Before Your Love/A Moment Like This’ suggest she’ll top 150,000 copies for the week. This figure would definitely mean a #1 and would be 35 times higher than last week’s #1 single, Nivea’s ‘Don’t Mess with My Man.’

Fans Vote For Kelly Clarkson’s Next Single

18, 2002 – ‘American Idol’ is taping a reunion broadcast for airing next Monday on Fox. The show’s winner, Kelly Clarkson, will perform her new single, ‘A Moment Like This,’ plus two other songs. Clarkson’s music video, ‘Before Your Love,’ will air during the show, which will feature performances from Las Vegas landmarks such as the Strip and Fremont Street. After the show, viewers will be able to vote on which song Clarkson should record next. The results will be announced Tuesday.

Kelly Clarkson Is True To Who She Is

September 16, 2002 – Missy Schwartz of Entertainment Weekly spoke with ‘American Idol’ stylist Joanne Lavin on clothing choices for winner Kelly Clarkson. “She’s been amazing because she’s really true to who she is…. She wasn’t thinking about what designers to get — it was more like a look.” The full story at has since been removed.

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6 thoughts on “Virgin Kelly Clarkson Saving Herself Until She’s At Least 30

  1. joxe says:

    I heard this one before, it sounds like……………… BRITNEY’s saga part 2 with a different character!

  2. SweetAngel says:

    I really don’t trust Kelly Clarkson. Why? Because I have a real bad feeling that 1 day she’ll be using some guy from a boy band just to get fame; just like Jessica Simpson is using Nick Lachey of 98° to get fame & fortune.

  3. Jessyta says:

    I agree with those of you who are experiencing deja vu (Britney). I thought everyone, artists and people alike, had learned from Brit…she even said herself that it was a mistake to ever even comment on her sex life. But then again…this is Globe people…and plus, why would Kelly’s best friend tell people that personal of stuff on her if she was TRULY her friend?

  4. we_sacrifice_a_duck says:

    Hmmm…in all honesty, WHO CARES? It’s HER personal life, nobody else’s. If you were famous, I’m sure you wouldn’t want people to know about your intimate life. Sure, this gossipy stuff provides for great entertainment, but seriously, the whole Britney-thing was unnecessary and hopefully this won’t become as big of deal as that because it’s not.

  5. Lanaflan says:

    ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with all of you but where I’m from most girls (i.e. anyone respectable) remains a Virgin until she’s married or well into her twenties; this is not for religious reasons, we just have enough self respect to know that it’s tacky to sleep around. In reference to that ridiculous comment about how someone can only be a virgin if she doesn’t dress like a whore, I for one do not approve of the way that Britney, Christina, Jessica etc dress; HOWEVER, unless you know something about sex that I don’t (which I highly doubt) you cannot loose your virginity to clothing THEREFORE what you wear does NOT dictate your sexual practices.

  6. tajo says:

    If anyone knows how that topic came about please get at me and let me know.PLEASE.
    I don’t know what is up everyone is claiming to be a virgin. Like they are the most holly people on the earth. I’m pretty sure an interviewer will not ask a person “Are u a virgin?”
    I guess Kelly’s friends are with her 24/7 to know that she is a virgin.
    I think i’ve said enough

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