Viva Viewers Travel To Meet Enrique Iglesias

Viva is airing a special on Friday (July 30 at 9:30 EST) and again Sunday (August 1 at 3:30 AM EST) featuring two contest winners, Kerstin and Sarah, who got to fly to Los Angeles to meet Enrique Iglesias. Get more details and watch the program online at

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7 thoughts on “Viva Viewers Travel To Meet Enrique Iglesias

  1. Brittany Mccallum says:

    Hey Enrique,
    This is Brittany I live in Pampa Texas a small town. I wish one day I could meet you in person. not because you are famous or things like that. I would just like to meet you. your a great singer and actor. you also write beautiful songs. so maybe one day you can stop by. write back soon
    from Brittany Mccallum

  2. kirsty jackson says:

    hiya Enrique just to let you know your great and you inspire me so much, bet you here that a lot lol it would mean so much to me if I met you I live in Newport next to Cardiff I was straight on the phone when I found that you were performing down Cardiff but sadly the tickets were sold out so I’m traveling to London to see you on the 15th of may hopefully I will be lucky enough to meet you I am so excited I always listen to you on my mobile and iPod and the telephone I blast it lol well hope I here from you x x x x x x

  3. hanoona says:

    you are the boss of all the singers I love you so so so much I want from you something that I want to travel to America but I can’t for the security in Egypt I want you to help us we are 5 persons if you want my phone number replay first in this website and I’ll write it we are in Egypt please help us. I love you so much really forever.

  4. Laurianne says:

    Long time I realized that every time that I was feeling down and one of your song will come out on TV with the right words that I needed to hear, comfort and make me feel good. The same happened when I lost my parents last year, I was that “little girl” that cry in the night and just wants someone to comfort me.
    Well! I was in Africa but I’m in Belgium now following my dream of working in a health insurance company and in same time being a model.
    So thank you for being there for me when in needed someone.
    By the way I went to see your concert in Hasselt. It’s was great.
    I’m sure that you won’t answer or even read this but I just wanted to thank u. I hope that you will come in Belgium and I hope that one day in will meet as Enrique only not as a big star
    Take care.

  5. Gabie Orebaugh! says:

    Hey Enrique, I’ve been in love with you just about all my life!! On Monday September 14th, I’ll be turning 13! I’ve waited as long as I can remember to meet you! Enrique your everything I’ve ever wanted, I know I’m still young but, I love you with all of my heart. I wish I can tell you in person I’m totally in love with you!

  6. Chelsey Hartmann says:

    I just want to let you know that…you are THE BEST singer in the world!!! lol I LOVE you! I really wish that I could’ve gone to one of your concerts, but my parents are SO POOR its unreal lol. I really want to meet you someday!

  7. dhaval parmar says:

    i am too the greatest fan of you enrique .my heart is also crazy for singing with you enrique.i just wanna sing with you and this is my dream.please just don’t say no and say yes to your heart enrique to sing with me . your the best singer for me and will be forever.

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