VMAs Sealed With A Madonna And Britney Spears Kiss

Virginia Heffernan of Slate reviewed the MTV Video Music Awards and spoke about the “orgy of duets” and of course the Madonna kiss with Britney Spears. “Madonna had come as the man—the sugar daddy, maybe, twirling the little girls, keeping them in line, and finally kissing Spears,” Heffernan said. “She also kissed Aguilera, to be fair, but the camera barely registered it, and we all know that Madonna has long leered at Britney. Britney swooned into the kiss, her mouth soft. The small thrill of this kiss was real to me because, though girls making out with girls is an old party stunt, this time it came off as female lechery: over muscled, rich, landed matriarch Madonna (in tails, no less) praying on sweetie Spears, who (in wedding white) hasn’t even had a first marriage yet.” Read more.

Madonna Kisses A Rebuttal To Justice Scalia’s Rebuttal?

August 29, 2003 – Mo Rocca of Comedy Central was on ‘Live From…’ on CNN on Friday to chat with host Heidi Collins about the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday night, and again weighed in on the Madonna kisses with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. He said, “… first of all say I thought the evening was surprisingly flat. I was hoping for something more in the spirit of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1977 ‘Oui’ interview. In fact at moments I became so bored I kept going back to that interview. I have it on microfiche, so I can access it at any time. The — I suppose the Madonna, Britney, Christina kiss in their mock sort of wedding little setup there was the big highlight for everybody. This was Madonna, once again, being political. This was her rebuttal to Justice Scalia’s rebuttal to the Texas Supreme Court decision. Sort of her way of stepping out there and making a statement.” Read more.

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5 thoughts on “VMAs Sealed With A Madonna And Britney Spears Kiss

  1. babet says:

    Madonna…. I can understand. her clever and expressive lyrics say it all. she’s trying to make a point but Britney has no point or opinion and never will…..she’s just a pawn trying to worm her way into every opportunity in order to get her way. her kind of publicity isn’t good….its not benefitting anybody or any woman…..she has no purpose but to try to use her image to sell records. at least Christina’s TRYING to reveal to people the double standards against women. she’s trying to fight them and express herself for who she is….not to sell records. if she wanted to sell records…..she would have gone Alicia Key’s routes with the “classy soulful” image.

  2. jimmypee says:

    wow, great post babet, GREAT post. *****ing dead on.

  3. nick_carters_girl says:

    ^^babet^^ just because Justin’s probably bitter after Britney and Madonna kissed..it doesn’t mean you have to follow him and be bitter as well.. don’t hate on Britney because you like Christina.. I absolutely adore Christina as well..and I don’t find it fair that Britney gets all the attention..but look, Christina has an AMAZING voice and has an amazing message to go along with her music… ..You see, Britney has amazing music as well…she’s releasing a new album..I’m sure a message will come along with her new album..so lets just wait and see.. xtina’s album ‘stripped’ has a big message behind it…and just because Britney’s album ‘Britney’ just had a lot of party/dance songs, it doesn’t give anyone the right to diss her.. look, if you like Christina..that’s great..just don’t ***** on Britney because of that..some people may argue that xtina’s more talented that Britney..but in the ‘industry’…just because you have talent, it doesn’t mean you can sell many records and a lot more people will love u..u gotta have a good beat…your music’s gotta be fun and has to be something people will be able to dance to at clubs..but other people don’t really care if its club material..they just wanna hear someone with an amazing voice sing a song with an awesome message..so look, Britney and Christina are both talented..so just stop the hating.

  4. babet says:

    my hatred for Britney has nothing to do with Justin…….and I’m not hating Britney because Justin was “bitter”. I just don’t like Britney because she’s overexposed….she AVOIDS singing live because she purposely has more dance songs on her album than ballads. and I can’t stand her publicity stunts. I have absolutely NO respect for her. I look at talent and the type of music….not how well you do in the industry. everything can get so fake these days. the public image of celebs can be nothing but big fat lies.

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    “xtina’s album ‘stripped’ has a big message behind it…and just because Brit’s album ‘Britney’ just had a lot of party/dance songs, it doesn’t give anyone the right to diss her..” True nick_carters_girl…true, true. However, anybody can have the right to diss Britney spears or any artists they don’t like as much as you do. Everybody has the right to make a positive and/or negative comment. Time doesn’t stop for no one, so why should someone not speak their own opinion just because you and other people don’t agree with it?

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