Vocal Issues Force Jessie J To Cancel Perth Concert

Jessie J with bedazzled lips

checked in with her Twitter followers moments ago, apologizing for pulling out of the Future Music Festival gig at Arena Joondalup in Perth, Australia today, citing vocal issues. The British pop artist also took issue with 4Music, who Tweeted, “Does Jessie J have the Adele bug? Singer pulls out of Australia performance last minute due to illness”, and some other followers for making jokes about Adele’s vocal chord surgery that sidelined her several months. Jessie writes:

So my voice has decided to go for a walk :( MASSIVE sorry to all my fans who wanted to see me today at #futuremusicfest. X

@4Music or I was advised to not do the show due to my voice going due to tiredness\jetlag because that’s the #TRUTH

I must say I DO NOT find Adele voice jokes funny. What happened to her voice was serious and no joke. Its horrible for any singer to have vocal problems. And we should all understand how hard it was for her not by making jokes but by supporting her amazing come back.

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2 thoughts on “Vocal Issues Force Jessie J To Cancel Perth Concert

  1. Daniel Maycock says:

    Sorry to hear Jessie had to make that decision, but I’m sure she will be back later. It sounds like a wise move if Jessie feels the performance will not be up to the usual standard. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. shamara says:

    o wow sit down plz i mean dam

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