VV Brown Prepares To Film ‘Leave’ Music Video

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@vvbrown) on Sunday (December 7), as the British retro pop artist prepares to record a video for the first release on her upcoming debut album ‘Travelling Like The Light’ (or at least she says first, maybe ‘Crying Blood’ won’t be on the album?). Brown writes:

The day has come where we are doing the video for the first single, well Monday 8th!!! Oh! It’s so exciting. Tomorrow!

It’s gonna be a long day.

The concept is amazing and the clothes are absolutely brilliant.

We also have a film crew doing the making of the video which is exciting too. So there will be lots of back stage footage coming soon.

The video is for the single ‘LEAVE’! Its gonna be fun and its a really creative video.

The single isn’t out till March so we have a long run up to get things right. You know me I analyze like crazy…. See you soon xxxx

I’m going to bed early to get that beauty sleep in he he cause its like a 5 oclock start!

Here we go… !!!

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