VV Brown Sad To End Tour With Ida Maria And BirdPen

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@vvbrown) on Saturday (November 29) after wrapping up her UK tour with Ida Maria and BirdPen. The British pop singer tells readers:

It’s so sad that we have come to the end of the tour!!! It was amazing and the bands we were on tour with were the best!!! I love Ida and BirdPen. We knew all the songs by the end, especially BirdPen. We are there biggest fans!!! So its all great!!! We ended at the Scala in London. I always wanted to perform at the famous Scala! It was awesome! It was nice to see some of the guys from the Africa Express trip as well, appreciate it Damon Steve and Ian.., xx and we went to a party afterwards which was???? : 0

So yes it was brilliant and I’m sad its over. We will be touring again soon though and I think it’s been a real success. We had great reviews from the Independent and the Guardian and generally it’s been so much We have mooned, streaked, poured water on strangers, drank alcohol, planted granny porn in musicians cases and generally done lots of mischievous things to make the time more fun!!

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