Wade Robson Drops By TRL

Contributed by elgato:

Wade Robson was a guest on TRL today. He has a new look (very tanned, new hair color (dark brown), and a new show on MTV which is called ‘The Wade Robson Project.’ The reality show will have dancers of all genres battle each other. They scrolled an address for auditions in New York across the bottom of the screen. Wade even challenged VJ Quudus to a dance competition. He did his thing; but Quudus chickened out when it became his turn to battle. The other VJs gave Wade props for the choreography he’s done with and *NSYNC. Even Justin Guarini, who was also a guest on the show, said that his favorite song on his self-titled album is the one he did with Wade. According to WadeRobson.com, ‘The Wade Robson Project’ will likely start airing on MTV in July.

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