Wade Robson Hints At Movie Role With Justin Timberlake

Wade Robson updated fans this week on his latest goings on including his working with new artist Christina Vidal, his latest move into the motion picture world, working out in the gym, the Pepsi commercials he had a major role in, and status of his website. Read on for the full update.

This past week Wade has been working on music for a new Artist on MCA records, Christina Vidal. Look out for her debut album, Wade wrote and produced 3 songs.

You might know that Wade is moving on into the film world. He has been in and out of interviews this week with the top executives of all the studios. He has concepts for musical films. A lot of good feedback, lets keep our fingers crossed. Who knows maybe we will see in a movie soon?

Wade is also in the gym everyday working out. Yes “Wade” is working out. He is doing a print job for a Jansport backpack company, and he has to do it with his shirt off, look out ladies.

Did everybody watch the Super Bowl? Did you keep and eye out for the new Pepsi commercial? Wade choreographed, co-directed and wrote the song for the commercial. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s pretty cool. Keep your eyes on the look out.

I hope everyone is enjoying the site. Keep looking for new pictures and contests coming up soon. Wade will also have posters and T-shirts available in the next couple of weeks-don’t miss out on that-You cannot buy them anywhere else.

Also don’t forget to check out Wade Robsons’ Master class @ Millennium Dance Complex. Call ahead for class registration. We will also announce on WadeRobson.com when he is teaching.

Quick note from Wade

“Remember to stay positive and follow your dreams. Nothing is impossible, just look within and believe in your ability”. ~ Wade J. Robson 02/15/2002

Once again thanks for coming to WadeRobson.com.

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